White Golden Retriever Puppies for sale!

White Golden Retriever Puppies for sale!

Customer Pictures!

"Hats off, you are the most organized and clean breeder I have ever seen. What a wonderful place for the dogs!"
 Dr Hambright Atascadero Pet Hospital

"What a beautiful set up for the dogs! I wish all breeders would care that much about their dogs. They are gorgeous! I would like to own one of your dogs one day!" 

AKC Inspector

"A+ as usual"

Yearly inspection of San Luis Obispo Animal Control Officer


Beautiful Emma and her beautiful pup

Blizzard at 10 months

Beautie's male puppy owned by L Perry

We love our Teddy Bear! Dr. Deena Manion and family

Hank S puppy

Congratulations to Nadine as Hannah (bred by us) is now an International Champion

Dakota is having a grand time at our home. He is seriously one spoiled dog. here are a few pictures. Talk to you soon! Kimberly Pistor

Hi Tommy! We hope you are well! It's hard to believe that we have had Appa for over a month, she is wonderful and we love her very much. As  does every that we come in contact with, they are just amazed how beautiful she is and she is a hit in her puppy class. Robert and Todd

Dakota sleeping

Hi Mimmi and Tommy here he is on a heavenly bed at the Wealleria in Dallas. He also had his first shopping trip at the mall and was impressed with the ice skaters. Thank you for bringing this bundle of joy to my home and family. I will keep you updated. Much love,Andy

Augie owned by Andy Woodman Texas

An absolute joy & wonderful addition to our family. I have attached a few pics w/ my sister & folk's dogs. Joe was from Ludde & Vanilla & was born on 3/2/07. Thanks so much!

Kaufmann's puppy

Clover owned by Tatjana Patitz Malibu

Floyd and Booker owned by Brenda Mack

Booker and Lester posing

Dear Mimmi and Tommy! This is Hiromi Suzuki from San Diego. I got 2 puppies from you guys last month. They are doing great! I want to show you some pictures. I want to say thank you to you guys. Also I let you know I have pet insurance and they finished spay and neuter. How can I get the registration from AKC as my pet dog? Which document should I send to you? Thank you again. Hiromi

Hiromi's pups

Hiromi's pups

Hi Mimmi~ Not to bother you, but I thought I would send this great photo of Zues and Napolean on a family trip to Colorado, they loved playing in the snow. I hope you can see it. Best, Cayce

Hi Mimi - Been a while & I thought you might like to see Jack - he is the most wonderful dog! He has a job @ the local Three Dog Bakery a couple of days a week here in Sonoma - Jack is the manager in charge of customer service & quality control. He also will graduate soon (with honors I might add) as a Certified Therapy Dog. Jack will celebrate his third birthday on June 6th - how time flies! His buddies at the Bakery are having a bash in his honor - I will send you photos if you'd like. I am truly blessed that he is in my life - anyone who meets Jack walks away a better person & at the very least with a smile on their face... I hope all is well with you & thank you again for such a wonderful dog! Regards, Christine Christine Staub


Dear Mimi, Kevin & Tommy, Just a note from Dakota and I to Wish YOU ALL A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope all is well with you! We are enjoying our little Dakota aka "Koty Bear" so much, he's such a love-y~ we love him to death! Warm Wishes Shelley Bonate

Hi Mimi, Here are some photos of Cotton with his family. He is loved! Cotton in our garden with Martini (our shelter rescue dog ) and with our Golden retriever Georgia. Best, Barbara Lawrence

Cotton owned by Dick and Barbara Lawrence

Cotton owned by Dick and Barbra Lawrence


Hi Mimmi, I hope you are having a good summer and are feeling strong. We are enjoying our pups. Booker is the gentle, big brother showing Floyd all of the tricks to earn extra treats. Floyd was 4 months today and had his last round of vaccinations. He weighed in at a healthy 33 pounds. These boys sure do like to eat. Floyd had a visit to a nursing home today and was quite a hit with the senior crowd. He was calm and relaxed even as he experienced his first elevator ride and first wheel chair. Once again, hope you are doing well. Thank you for providing us with such wonderful pets. They are beautiful: inside and out. Best regards,Brenda Mack

Floyd and Booker sleeping! Owned by Brenda Mack

Julia...our friendly kennel help! She has a very gentle spirit. Here in a peaceful moment withone of our dogs.

My name is Amy and I live in Denver, CO. I am a nurse and purchase one of you puppies in 2005. The puppy was a male and came from litter Jinty 2004 born on 9/10/2004. I did not buy him until he was 5 months old. I discovered your ranch on the internet and requested a blond male puppy with distinct black marks and a very calm even temperament to train him as a hospital visiting pet therapy dog. I named the puppy Achilles and he is the joy of my life. Achilles grew to be 65 pounds with no health problems. Achilles absolutely loves the water, I can not keep him out of any body of water no matter how big or small and muddy. Achilles also adores the snow and I often call him my little polar bear. He is perfect in every way. I could not of asked for a better dog. He was an angle of a puppy and I never had the typical puppy issues with him. Achilles is extremely affectionate and very smart and was extremely easy to train. He was the star student and teacher’s pet in all of his training classes. He is an extraordinary therapy dog. He was a natural right off the bat, as if he was made for me and to help brighten up patients’ day. No matter where I take him I get a handful of complements on how beautiful Achilles is to the point where strangers think he is a female. I love Achilles with all my heart and he literally is a god sent. My mother passed away a two months before I purchased Achilles and he kept me company. Achilles was a great comfort to wake up to every morning and to come home to every day. Achilles has gone everywhere with me from the grocery store to the salon to dining out and is always on his best behavior. I just want you to know how pleased I am with the wonder puppy you created. I am interested in purchasing a female from you in the Spring. I will contact you when I have made a final decision and have the finances to commit. I have attached some photos of Achilles to share with you. Please feel free to post any of this e-mail or pictures on your website. Thankfully, Amy Bream

Hi Mimi, Just thought you might like to see how beautiful our little Blanca is (Vanilla and Ludde's girl from the 3/2/07 litter). She is precious.......so well mannered, sweet, easily trained, and loves her family! We just had invisible fencing installed and she now has over 3 acres to run and play in (and loves it). She is turning into quite a big girl........I believe the last well-check she had at the vet she was 48 lbs! (But not overweight according to the vet). Really, I have never had a dog that was easier to train, or more loving. She is keeping her beautiful white color, which we are so happy about. She is quite an "attraction" whenever we take her anywhere........and we have yet to see another like her! We are very, very happy with our puppy, and I just wanted you to know! Best Regards, Valerie (in Minnesota)

Mimi, Hope you are feeling better. Attached photo was day one at The Red Barn in Malibu . This was taken about 2 months ago. The Dogs are a GREAT addition and we love them very much. It is work, but they are coming along well. They just had the last of their shots this weekend, so the social process with other dogs is about to begin. Victoria will send you some current photos. We have increased their food to about 7.5 Oz x 3 per day. Can you tell us what is the correct amount and when and what to increase it to ? Regards Mark Sutherland

Hi Everyone, Hope all is well on the ranch… Thought you might enjoy seeing 9 mo old Lincoln . My husband and I went on a trip and left Lincoln w/ Beth in Wash. , DC. Apparently, it appears he had a nice visit to the Capitol, even his visit w/ President Lincoln himself. We are starting to think about breeding him maybe once or twice, any suggestions or contacts you know on the East coast? He is becoming fairly the big male and a very loving one w/ a great personally. He loves being around other dogs and we will see how good of a swimmer he becomes this summer when we visit the lake as well as one of the neighbors has already invited him over to swim w/ her golden in their pool—they are brave!! Sue O'Boyle

Greetings! We wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I've attached our Christmas photo of Sophie and her little sis Gracie. Sophie is almost 3 now and has been such a blessing to our family. She has the sweetest temperament and has enriched our lives so much. Thank you for this wonderful addition to our family! Best wishes, Kathy B (in Colorado)

Mimmi and Tommy, I hope this note finds you well. I want to thank you again for the happiness you have brought my family. As promised, I have attached a few pictures of " River ". He is growing so fast and having so much fun. Once again, thanks so very much for our new puppy River. I look forward to hearing from you - Johnny and Melissa.

Dear Mimi; We are all in love with our little girl! She is beautiful, smart and incredibly sweet and cuddly. I wanted to send you another picture of her with Joanna and Carolyn-this will be our holiday card pic as well. Hope all is well with you and your family at the ranch. I will send a hard copy card when I receive them. Best regards, The Miller family Elena, Robert, Joanna, Carolyn, and of course, Darla Miller PS the girls are already asking for another one!

Hi Mimi. Bella is doing great! She has the sweetest nature and temperament. She is so beautiful. I will send you pictures. We all love her so much. As with all Golden puppies, she has tons of energy and is very mouthy. We are working with a good trainer who is very kind. My little girls adore her. She also sleeps right next to our bed

Hi Mimmi, Just wanted to let you know that Cabo made it safe & sound! And we all survived the first night together! ha ha. He is soooooo sweet! Thankx again, Cindy K.!

Snuggle buggle! Cabo in his new owners amrs!

Girl with her dog Stacey!

HI Mimmi, I hope this Holiday Season finds you and yours well. Dropping a little note to tell you just how important Logan has become in our lives and to give you a thank you which will never be enough for entrusting him into our care. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God we have him. He is special!!! A once in a lifetime dog. He not only receives many compliments for his look but also for his gentleness with my patients. He is very intuitive knowing who to just sit for or when to give a little more of him self. Even the nurses that I work with say he is special. I will attatch pictures of him and his family Dallas and Gabby. Sincerely Rhea


Dear Mimmi and Tommy, Here are some updated pictures of Kobi's. He's a great dog. Love, Edie




Thor and Heart owned by the Shoemakers

Zeke owned by Cheryl Brand and family

Zeke owned by Cheryl Brand and family

Mimmi- Wow- she's amazing- safe, happy, energetic, and playing with my girls- thankyou so much for everything- I'll email you a picture of everyone with her in a day or two Robert Miller

Blance and her owner

Achilles working at the hospital as a therapy dog.

3 Beautiful ladies in a Pumpkin patch!

The new love of my life! Melanie Segal

Mimi and Kevin, I wanted to thank you again for our wonderful dogs. Basha is now 18 weeks and Chalk is 16 weeks, we are all in love! Merry Christmas and Happy 2008! Thanks again, The Cox Family Mason, Jenn, Mackenzie, Mason IV and Mary Scott

Hey I am the happiest pup in the world!

Duncan wishing you all a Happy Easter! Owned by Sandra Hill!


Happy Bday boy Duncan!

Duncan's Bday cake!

Hmmm a yummy cake JUST FOR ME!


Yum!My mommy Sandra Hill is the best!

Hello, my name is Dakota and I am owned by Shelley Bonate!

Dakota and his new Mom Shelley Bonate!

New additions in the Oyler family!

Yum bark!

Mimmi, Heart & Thor quickly became best of friends, she has the same great personality as him. They immediately went for a run and a dip in the pond. Thor is a water dog. We think Heart may be a mud dog. She is happy laying in the mud at the edge of the pond while watching him fetch the stick. We would recommend to anyone looking for a golden , to look no further, your pupies are the best!!! We can tell that your dogs are smothered with love. Scott & Elsie Shoemaker

Vinnie owned by the Baglios!

Bear hug from Taylor to Chloe!

Cooper as a puppy getting hugs from Taylor!

Ember hugging the puppy!

Cooper and Chloe owned by Cathy Wilensky!

Send us your best puppy pictures and testemonials to goldenpuppies4u2@gmail.com!A happy customer is the most rewarding thing for us! For you who already sent your pictures and don't see them on this website please re-send them in jpg digital format no larger then 680. We can't post paper pictures only digital. Thank you!

Jack wishing for lots of bones. Jack is owned by Christine Staub!

Hello! Vegas sits nicely on the lawn of his new home.

You talking to me?

Mika in the snow.

Our puppy posing for the magazine. Lucky dog! Or is the model the lucky one?

Wendy Dwyer and her 2 best friends Luka and Lola.

Wendy Dwyer and her 2 best friends again.

And again.

Hi Mimi, Just wanted to send you this current picture of Dakota. I grabbed my camera and called him to take his pix and he popped up from the couch! Perfect shot!! He's just a little spoiled! He went to the vet yesterday and he weighs 27 lbs. which she said is perfect for his age. He's growing up way too fast!! He's the sweetest, cutest, funnest little terror on the planet!!! Regards, Shelley Bonate.

Luxury Beck owned by the Weber family

Chaps owned by Kay Moore in Arizona

A picture speaks a thousand words! This girl sees her new puppy for the first time on Christmas.

We love her Mom! Can she stay?

Dingman Mom with her new baby!

See Duncan run!

Jack owned by Christine Staub

Vinnie the pup!Owned by Mary Danny Guarascio

See Duncan in Halloween outfit!

Duncan's beautiful face!

I am the great Zorro! Whoooahahaha!

Beautiful Olive! Owned by Jim and Cheryl Cournoyer

Digga and Jesse

What a beautiful head!

Jumping Jack owned by Christine Staub



A boys best friend!


Grace owned by the Shell family




The Funderburke familyand their pups

The Funderburke's Steely Dan singing the blues!

I shall fear no evil!




The Workman family stated "Your puppies are so smart they can read"

Going for a ride! What a neat companion!

A beautiful Taffy pup owned by AnneMarie and Lawrence Meadows

A Valentines picture of a Annie and Max puppy owned by the Wert's

Give me a treat pleeeeeeease?

Sad eyes?

What a nice hug!

Sawyer owned by Kim Dillon


Maisey owned by Megan Kramer Texas


Owned by Bender family

Double Trouble!

Zena owned by the Bevans family!


What an awesome dog! Owned by the Chamberlains. PUPPY PICTURES!


I am wet!

Our Pepper visiting Maggie Bender

Another awesome looking dog!

Honey and Peggy!

A play in the snow!

A beautiful profile!

Merry Christmas!

Santa lost his Reindeers!

A wonderful family!

A fight in the snow!




Scoggins family

Very light Manfrado....sooooooo loved by the Horner family in Ohio

Easter Booney!

Bender pup

Anita Conklin

Hal Conklin

Henderson family









May I have some Pizza too?

One dark One light

Beautiful profile of KC


A walk in the snow!


Sunbathing in the snow

Beautiful KC in the sunshine and snow

Yakity Yak! Don't talk back! Best friends!

Hey Santa! I got your hat!

Maisey owned by Megan Kramer Texas

The owners of the puppies on this page are members of our Extended Family!


Sophie owned by Kathy B

Solsun and the Way family

Solsun growning up

Coco in Florida


Coco in Florida


"The Dyer family out of Chanelle and Champ.

"Busta" owned by Amy and Shawn Gold published in Martha Stewart's Living Magazine, June issue 2001


Happy Birthday!

One of our earlier bred dogs.

Steely Dan at the ocean

"Nellie" owned by the Jackson family.

Puppy owned by Tonya Eubank

Eubanks pup

Chamomille, Maddie's pup, owned by Tiffany Reid. "Cammie" in Pumpkin Halloween custome.

"Beauregard" owned by Jennifer Burrows

Our puppies laugh a lot!





Name: Dan Horowitz, Las Vegas HI Mimmi, I had to tell you that the puppy is so cute and so calm and laid back. I've never had a dog like him. So far he doesn't want any part of a leasch, but it . will take time I'm sure. I'm really going to enjoy him. He seems to be very affectionate. Thank you so much. I thought you would enjoy hearing this. Dan

Name: Alyson Dingman Email: Hi Mimmi, How are you feeling? How is Kevin? Well our fifth child is the best of the lot! This puppy is the sweetest! So she is 12 and a 1/2 weeks old and sleeps through the night for 10 hours! Kevin was right she is special she looks at you with these eyes and it seems like she really understands! We start puppy class next week but she knows sit, stay, and we are working on heal. It is my goal to send pictures tomorrow! Thank-you so much for the best Christmas gift! Alyson

Name: Jill Funderburke Email: jillwf@fuse.net Hi Mimmi! We hope you enjoyed the holidays. Seeing all of the puppies on your webpage tells me that you stayed busy the entire time! I still log on frequently to view all of your newest puppies as well as extended family member pictures. We are very proud to be part of your extended family! I know you have worked with many families who have adopted puppies to refresh your memory, we have SteelyDan (whose photo is on the extended family page) and were blessed to welcome one of Skorpans little boys into our home June 9th, who we named Bailey. I cant begin to tell you what a joy Bailey is we couldnt have asked for a sweeter little boy. He loves to wrestle and play with Steely and yet is affectionate and a cuddler who sleeps curled up next to me every night! Our 15 yr old Pekingese, Tiffany, made her journey to Dog Heaven the day after Thanksgiving; Bailey and Steely stepped right in as therapy dogs and really helped me through a difficult time. Its been quite awhile since Ive sent photos, so I thought Id share two with you that were a part of our 4th annual SteelyDan calendar the first one shows Steelys musical side (with a name like SteelyDan, he wanted to show that he, too, can boogie woogie with the best of them!); the second photo we call and I shall fear no evil) and shows Steely napping with Bailey when he was still little enough to curl up with Steely for a nap. Happy New Year to you and your family!! Jill, Michael, SteelyDan and Bailey Funderburke

Name: Mary Madden Emai: Starbuck006@aol.com Hi Mimmi, I just wanted to let you know that our "little boy" is so handsome. He and Teddy after a couple of hours are just great together. Teddy of course wants the pup to know whose the boss but other than that we are thrilled. Thank you for sending this beautiful boy to us. Mary Madden

Name: Kathy Leaverton Email kathyl6666@sbcglobal.com Hi Mimmi, Just a note to let you know the dog we purchased from you two months ago is the most important member of our family now. Bentley is loving, well mannered and the most adored animal we have ever owned. We are stopped everywhere by folks who love goldens and comment on how beautiful he is. Thanks to you for such a great job raising these animals. Kathy Leaverton &nsp;

Good morning Mimmi, I'm so sorry that I couldn't write I had to leave for work. I'm so glad that everything came right for you. It is truly by God's grace that we are given such special gifts. I use mine every day dealing with dying patients or families of dying patients It always seems to ease their suffering. So the gift extends to so many. Linda's love continues even though she is gone. God's love continues through us to each other if we just allow him to come into our lives. Logan has become another gift I bring him to work once a week and he sits ever so patient by the sides of the wheel chairs so he can be scratched behind the ear or patted. One of my patients was dying of cancer and she asked that I put Logan's front paws up on the bed so she could feel him. Logan put his head right next to hers was never afraid. I still find it so amazing how calm he is with everyone and yet so full of spunk when he plays with Dallas. Jim adores him, he is his little buddy. (not so little anymore) I am so happy that I made the right choice. If we remain open vessels for God he truly guides our every move. Be well Mimmi and God bless Love Rhea  

Name: Alyson Dingman Email:dingman1@aol.com Comments: Mimmi, Well she is in her crate and quiet! I am afraid I am going to jinx myself but she is Incredible! She sits, knows her name and does not cry in the crate!!!!!!!!KNOCK ON WOOD! We love her and the timing really ended up working out better. This way she was not passed around at Christmas dinner. It also kept the holiday going all day! We are so happy! Alyson  

Name: Jim and Rhea Malloch Email:raya533@MSN.COM Comments: Hi Mimmi, Logan is a real treasure. Everyone at the vets couldn't believe how calm and well mannered he is. everywhere we go people ask what kind of a dog is he? His coat is so white and thick. You and Kevin have truly done a great job breeding these little guys it just doesn't get any better. Thanks Jim & Rhea Malloch  

Name: Sandra Hill Email: sandyhp@yahoo.com Hi Mimmi Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful puppy Duncan is turning out to be! He is really a character and his personality develops more each day. He is turning out to be everything and more that a Golden Retriever is supposed to be. Smart, affectionate, laid back and funny - I added the funny to the Golden standards. He goes for his Canine Good Citizen test tomorrow evening ..... at 7 mos its only a practice run ..... but the real one will be a piece of cake for him! After much pestering by the staff, I took him last weekend to my mother's assisted living facility for pet therapy. He was so good and the ladies just loved him. The ladies are now waiting for tricks .... so we will be working on that (I am just pleased with his obedience)! Now for the amazing part: I also took him to the memory care unit where the residents are in all phases of dementia and Alzheimer's. One of the assistants took us around to each resident and introduced Duncan and asked the resident if he/she wanted to pet Duncan. Duncan sat right beside me without me telling him to, not moving forward until I gave the ok. He then went over and laid his head in their lap or gently licked their hand. This is the puppy that 20 minutes before was being a typical mouthy golden puppy with everyone! I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful puppy he is. Keep up the good work! Sandra Hill

Hi Mimmi - Trust you had a great summer & that all is well. I've been meaning to send off these photos to you - sorry for the delay. I deserve a great big "I told you so" regarding Jack - he is an absolutely wonderful dog. He is smart, funny & really coming into his own. He has a wonderful demeanor & amazing personality - I am thankful every day that I made the decision to make him part of my family. I think I knew it all along but probably was a bit skewed emotionally at first after losing Jake after 14 years...I wanted to share these photos with you (& hopefully visitors to your webpage). The snow pictures were taken in Oregon over the summer - I was astounded that at the end of June there was still 20 + feet of snow! As you can see Jack had a great time. Along with our morning runs (2 miles every day - arrrggghhh!!!) one of Jack's favourite pastimes is watching TV. I've never seen a dog watch just about anything so intensely including commercials - he's in his own little world when Animal Planet is on! Again I hope all is well with you & yours & I will send more photos again soon... Christine & "Jack"  

Dear Mimmi, Rufus, (Rufy for me) is absolutely gorgeous! We enjoyed him for 2 days over the weekend. He is too lovely for words. We love his white coat and black belly and his lovely blond ears. He is learning little by little and we just love having him. I cant say that enough number of times. Thank you for sending him to us. You do a lovely job with this wonderful creation of God, please don't stop doing what you do. With best of regards, Shobha.  

Name: Chelsey Dunn Comments: Your goldens have such nice structures and color! Friday, September 29th 2006 - 01:29:11 PM  

Name: Jessica Schulte Comments: Three years ago I bought my best friend Boomer from your kennel. He is beautiful, smart, and has a great personality. We go and do everything togeather he is amazing, and kind of a local celebrity in San Luis Obispo. His parents are Tottelina and Peace Dove. I have looked at other kennels but nothing has compaired to your breeding quality and temperament. I would like to expand my family and adopt another puppy. Your phone number has changed since the last time we talked, please give me a call when you get back from Europe. I was just in Switzerland and Germany for the heat wave! I hope you managed to stay cool and safe. Best Reguards Thank you, Jessica Schulte  

Name: JERI CHITTIM E-mail address: JERICHITTIM@YAHOO.COM I have had my wonderful boy for 6 weeks now. I can truly say he is the best dog I have ever had. He is so sweet and loving,very gentle with my granddaughter and so willing to please. I would reccomend white dove dogs to anyone looking for a retriever. We are stopped everywhere we go and asked what kind of dog he is, he is gorgeous and his personality is more than I could ever have asked for--he is almost human. He is spoiled rotten (sleeps in bed with me) and the joy of my life. Thank-you so much for giving me the chance to raise one of your special boys, "PLUTTEN" knows we love him and we have been blessed to have him in our home. We will have another one of your dogs in the future. Jeri PS--Mimmi thanks for putting up with me and all my emails, I do appreciate you.  

Name: Wendy E-mail address: lvwendel@msn.com Comments: I just wanted to say thank you for giving me my two best friends in the whole world. I have had my two dogs now for 2 1/2 years. They are my family, my best friend and they bring me so much joy. I don't know what I would do if I did not have them. I have two girls from you. Their names are Luka and Lola. We have a pictures taken every Christmas for Christmas cards. Everyone who has seen them, can't believe have pretty they are. Once again,thanks for being the people that you are and sharing your great animals whith so many people. I feel very special that I was one of the chosen ones. I love more than anything in the world. Thanks again and look forward for more pictures of my babys coming your way. Have a great day. Wendy  

Name: Beverly Gunter E-mail address: pudgunter@exp.net Comments: Most beautiful goldens I have ever seen. Friday, June 2nd 2006 - 01:45:00 P  

Name: Greta Schuman E-mail address: gretaschu@quest.com Comments: Dear Mimmi! Thank you so much for letting us visit your beautiful ranch. The dogs are stunning, healthy and clean! Such wonderful temperaments! We can't wait to get our puppy this June. Too bad we didn't get to meet you. Have a wonderful stay in Europe!  

Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 02:08:11 PM Name: Terry & Benn Jacobsen Comments: Hey Mimi- Benn and I took the beautiful coastal trek to your ranch from Santa Barbara. When we arrived, I felt like we were in Golden heaven. All the dogs are breathtaking in their beauty as well as in their temperaments. Their heads, skeletal structures, and coats all spell healthy! I was truly impressed that Tommy knew them all by name. Thank you for this opportunity. Now, we are doubly excited to get a spring litter male puppy. When you guys find out who is actually impregnated, will you let us know and the due dates or would we just check the website regularly to see updated information. Im curious now what exactly happens after the deposit was made. Thank you for your time. Cant wait! Sincerely, Terry and Benn Jacobson  

Name: Mary Guarascio E-mail address: Mary.guarascio@ki.com Comments: Hi Mimmi, we cannot thank you enough for our Vinny that we have now had for 3 months. He is such a brillant puppy and we just love how he adores our 4 year old golden. They are really great pals. We consider ourselves very lucky to have one of your puppies. He was well worth evey penny we spent and then some. Every day is a new adventure to see what new thing he will do. I'm excited to start obedience classes with him in the next two weeks. But I can honestly say he doesn't even need them. Again thanks much and if anyone out there is really interested in one of their dogs, you will never be sorry. Thank you...  

Name: Jack Fredrickson E-mail address: drjack@frontiernet.net Comments: Hi Mimmi, Just wanted to let you know how well Barley is doing.He has adjusted extremely well and the other two older females love playing with him except when he gets a little too rambunctious. He is very smart, is house-broken, has no bad habits, and loves people. I don't know how you train them when very young but I could not ask for a more perfect dog . I love the other two dogs and they are very sweet but he is going to be a truely great friend and companion in the future. Thank you again. I researched and talked to many breeders of goldens before deciding on a white dove puppy. The price was more than I originally intended to spend but I am content in my belief that no better male golden retriever can be found in the U.S.. His temperment is outstanding and his conformation beautiful. This is my fourth golden over the years and he represents the best attributes of the breed. Incidentally, I have contacted Pam P. who have a female litter mate named Brooklyn and their family feels the same way. Thanks, Jack  

Name: Dillon's Outstanding Goldens E-mail address: kim@dogoldens.com Homepage URL: http://www.dogoldens.com Comments: A special thank you for allowing us to share our love for the breed.  

Name: Mike Chapman Comments: Hello! We purchased our dog in December and we couldnt be happier as a family. I believe he came from Cookie or Pixie and he is the best dog we have ever had. I have attached photos and we ended up naming him Maximus. I would like to know if it is possible to get his papers. I would also like to see how we can get on your waiting list for a female puppy. He needs someone to play with. Thank you so much for a great dog.  

Mike Chapman Thursday, March 30th 2006 - 09:43:13 AM Name: Dianne E-mail address: marleyfalina@yahoo.com Comments: Beautiful dogs!! Met my first white retriever a few weeks ago and fell in love. If their temperaments are as good as their looks, these are fantastic dogs! Sophie is indeed beautiful and Rupert looks like a fun fellow.  

Name: Roffe Homepage URL: http://goldenwizards.se Comments: Beautiful Goldens Friday, February 24th 2006 - 05:28:25 AM  

Name: margaret ann E-mail address: jord-ann@smartchat.net.au Comments: Hello White Dove GR's Founders from Perth, Western Australia. Having had two Goldens, firstly a lovely girl, followed by a gorgeous boy, we thoroughly appreciate just how lovely your dogs are and wish to congratulate you on a terrific website in which to enjoy the photos. Have seen a Platinum Blonde dog here at the beach and wondered about her colour. They are not common here by any means. I hope to have another dog maybe next year when a Breeder I've heard of in the country will be willing to breed from her beautiful golden Gold after she's had a break this year. I thank you for the enjoyment I've had browsing thru your site and send you warm wishes from sunny WA along with hugs for your beautiful family of Goldens.  

Name: Katy and Charlie Homepage URL: http://community.webshots.com/album/547179615AeAcoi Comments: Here is KC's link - Saturday, February 11th 2006 - 08:40:26 AM Name: Katy and Charlie E-mail address: charlieandkaty@comcast.net Comments: We just want to thankyou for KC (Kahlua & Cream). She has been a delight since the first day we picked her up from the airport. She is now 4 years old and has grown into the most loving, obedient, beautiful dog imaginable. Please give her parents Max and Annie a big hug for us. We are stopped whenever we go out. No one can believe how beautiful she is. What a wonderful addition she has been to our family. Her best friend is our other golden, Copper. They are inseperable. If you are interested in seeing pictures of KC growing up please go to http://community.webshots.com/album/547179615AeAcoi Best wishes,The Wert family  

Name: Pam Prussel E-mail address: pamelaprussel@yahoo.com Comments: We picked up our puppy,from Jinty's litter, 3 weeks ago. We cannot imagine not having her in our lives. Brooklyn is the sweetest and best dog we have owned. She does well with not only our four kids but all the kids that come in and out of our home. Everyone has commented on her temperment and how calm and friendly she is. Not only that she is absolutely beautiful! If we did not already have another dog I would be on the waiting list for another White Dove puppy. Goldens are a wondeful breed and you have bred your dogs well. Thank you!  

Name: Anne Neathery E-mail address: Neatherland@msn.com Comments: Our puppy arrived 2 days before Christmas and we had to keep him a secret from our two little boys. (5 and 4) It was so hard to not tell them about him. Santa was to bring him on Christmas eve. My husband Derek built a box for him and cut holes in it. Then he wrapped it with Christmas paper and made a top for it that could easily slide off. Then on Christmas eve we put our Puppy in the box and put him under the tree. He layed quietly until he heard the boys. Then he started to move around a bit making the box move as well. My youngest son noticed the movement first. When I asked him what was in the box he said very seriously "Santa is in there". We continued with our openning of gifts and the puppy continued to move in the box and then my other son noticed it. Finally they could not stand it any more and they just had to open the box. We made them both do it at the same time. They lifted the top and the puppy popped his head out. They both screemed with delight. We took the puppy out of the box and he licked faces and wagged his tail. The boys forgot for a momment that there were more gifts. He made our night. The boys have been enjoying him ever since. He is a wonderful addition to our family.  

Name: Mary E-mail address: mary.guarascio@ki.com Comments: We received a male puppy less than a week ago from the Jinty litter. We can not say enoguh how awesome and beautiful this puppy is. He has adapted so easily to our family. I thank you for being such great breeders, I can tell from dealing with you the past month you care so much about your dogs. Thanks again...... Friday, January 20th 2006 - 03:30:47 AM  

Name: Kathy B. E-mail address: KathySBear@adelphia.net Homepage URL: http://community.webshots.com/album/224486038JMZhzB Comments: We obtained our puppy a little over a year ago after the death of our beloved Zoe, a golden we had for 12 years. We named our new girl Sophie, and she's been a source of love and joy to us ever since. She's probably the most intelligent dog we've ever owned. She's naturally obedient and so very loving. Her parents are Poky and Max and she's a wonderful addition to our family. You can check out my homepage for plenty of photos of her. Best regards to Kevin and family, Kathy  

Name: Morna Behrens E-mail address: alpal@dock.net Comments: Hi, I bought one of your dogs about three weeks ago and we love him. He has such a great tempermant, he is great with my kids. Even though he is 6 months old he still has that big puppy look. He's beautiful!!!!! Morna Behrens  

Name: Sharon Tremper E-mail address: sharontemper@msn.com Comments: I saw these beautiful pups on the Oprah magazine. I am a golden retriver owner 3 times. I just purchased my newest little baby in October and I think she needs a friend. How much are you puppies and do we need to come out to the CA area to see them? They are just beautiful animals and I'd never get anything other than a golden. I still have mut from 12 years ago and she's not any fun for our new little girl. I'd love for our new one to have someone, besides us, to play with. She loves to play with everything and is a champion sock collector. My last golden, who had cancer to soon in his short life (7 years) was a champion frisbee catcher and underware collector. He is missed more than anyone will know. What a special dog. Our mutt is now deaf and he would always go up stairs and get her for us. He also got the paper every morning. We have trained our new girl to go up and get the older dog from under the bed. She catches on quick. We spoil our dogs terribly. They are family and wrapped around our hearts. We go on vacation, they go on vacation with us. I'd love more info on how to obtain one of your goldens.  

Saturday, December 31st 2005 - 09:31:28 PM Name: Andrea Cortissoz E-mail address: paul.andrea@shaw.ca Comments: You have one of the most amazing Golden breeder websites I have seen yet. Thanks for putting all the great photos on your website for all those Golden lovers (like myself) to view. Sincerely, Andrea Cortissoz Vancouver, Canada  

Name: Shawna Horner E-mail address: delfruns@loganec.com Comments: We are so excited to get our Pixi puppy. Thank you so much for blessing us with him! The Horner family  

Name: Emma Dutro E-mail address: emmarosed9@aol.com Comments: I wish you success in Europe.  

Name: Cheryl Cournoyer E-mail address: cournoyer88@chater.net Comments: Dear Mimmi, We just returned from Logan Airport in Boston, MA with the most beautiful golden retriever I have ever seen. She is just stunning. My family and I just love her. She has slipped right into this family nicely. She is very well behaved and extremely smart. I will recommend your Ranch to anyone that is looking for a golden. This is our 4th golden and by far the prettiest of all. Thank you for all of your patience and for making everything go so nice and smoothly. It is quite obvious that you people know what you are doing and that you have many years of experience with this. Thank You Again,  

Friday, October 21st 2005 - 04:37:11 AM Name: Lasse and Camilla Comments: Hi there! I hope you have a great time over there Hugs from Lasse Camilla and the dogs Lucas and Emmma in Sweden . Sunday, October 16th 2005 - 11:32:38 AM  

Name: Brett & Vicky Chamberlain E-mail address: brett@riverwalkrecom Comments: Our Golden, "Whiskey" (White Dove Black Velvet) is the son of Teagen (now deceased) and Isabelle. Whiskey was born 1/11/04. We would be interested in trading pictures and stories with the parents of his littermates. Whiskey (a.k.a "The Bear", "Sexy Beast", "The Incredible Whiskey Bear") is a dream come true. He's absolutely gorgeous, perfect temperment, amazing personality, very smart, loved by all who meet him. He's a therapy dog, giving love to patients in Livermore, CA and children in the PAWS reading program at the Pleasanton Library. He is pictured on the motorcyle in the "Extended Family" portion of the White Dove website. We can be reached brett@riverwalkrecom Brett, Vicky and Whiskey Chamberlain  

Monday, October 3rd 2005 - 09:15:07 PM Name: Ruth Ann Edmondson E-mail address: aloha-annie@usa.com Comments: Hi Kevin, I visited the ranch in March 2004 after flying in from my second home in Hawaii on my way back to Texas, my daughter insisted that I stop and get a white golden. We already had a golden in Hawaii and a Husky in Texas, anyway, Mimmi picked me up at the airport and took me to the ranch, I was so amazed to see the wonderful beautiful dogs, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven!! When we drove up they all came up to greet us, what a sight, I will never forget it!! After a couple of hours, I picked out my puppy, she is the daughter of Max and Pixie, I named her Lily since it was so close to Easter and she was so beautifully white! Mimmi took us back to the airport, she told Lily how spoiled she expected her to be, sleeping on the bed most likely and Mimmi dashed off to meet you for lunch. I was so impressed with the wonderful way the ranch looked, how clean everything was and how friendly Mimmi was to visit with and take me back and forth to the airport. I was so sorry to hear about her illness and pray that she is doing well, I am so happy to see that you are still maintaining such care to the wonderful white goldens and the ranch. After hearing of Mimmi's illness I was worried about the dogs but am so relieved to see that you have taken such excellent care of them! An update on Lily, she is now coming up on 21 months old, she weighs 87 lbs, our other golden from Hawaii,Jake has been in Texas for a while since we sold one house and bought a different one, the two goldens, Jake, Lily and the husky, Blade spend most of their days playing and romping together, Lily rules the roost for sure...and yes she sleeps on the bed every night, she has ever since she came home with me, no crate for that special lady, she has a wonderful personality, a bit shy but loves to be with someone in the family every minute or getting after the boys, Jake and Blade, they have all been nuetered and she was spayed as a puppy so they are all just happy playmates. She is most likely going to live in Hawaii next month with my adult children who live there and Jake who will be flying across the pond to return to Hawaii, she will spend her days in a lovely green valley house beside a stream on Oahu and will be taken to the famous north shore beaches several times a week. What a life!!!! We love her dearly and can't imagine life without our wonderful delightful white dove golden!!! Keep up the good work, I hope to get another beautiful dog again someday from youf Goldens, they are the most magnificent dogs on the planet!!! Take care, God Bless to you and Mimmi Aloha, Ruth Ann Friday, September 30th 2005 - 03:10:06 AM  

Name: Cindy Billings E-mail address: Billings421@cox.net Comments: Your dogs are beautiful! I saw one of your dogs in our neighborhood and had to ask the owner all about her. Just stunning!(I believe the owner is your ex-sister-in-law?) Wish we could have another dog, but right now we are at our quota with two Brittanys and two cats. We'll keep you in mind in the years to come.  

Saturday, August 20th 2005 - 02:50:29 PM Name: Judith A. Gorman E-mail address: judithangorman@hotmail.com Comments: Hi: Was just admiring your dogs after seeing a picture of Nicollette Sheridan with her dog Oliver. What beautiful dogs..... Hopefully, I can get one sometime. I now have 2 smaller dogs and in December of 2004 had to have my beloved Asta put down. She was a birthday gift from my late husband in l989. She was a wonderful companion. I really enjoyed viewing the pictures of your dogs. Sunday, August 7th 2005 - 09:34:06 AM  

Name: Colleen Seymour E-mail address: dstmn1@aol.com Comments: We saw one of Taffy's babies today in Park City. Our Golden is getting up there in age and we may be getting another one soon. What a pretty puppy and so calm! Friday, August 5th 2005 - 03:56:52 PM  

Name: Nancy Bevans E-mail address: caliopy@earthlink.net Comments: Yesterday my husband and I arrived at your ranch at our scheduled noon appt with Tommy to purchase our dream puppy. It was 106 degress in the shade. As hot as it was we were impressed to find all these beautiful dogs had plenty of shade, impeccably clean pens,lots of fresh, clean water to drink, & were happy and content. We appreciated Tommy's professionalism and strict guidelines to protect all the dogs and property. It was of great comfort to know customers are highly screened and not allowed to enter the pens, and that our puppy had not been handled by strangers. We sat outside a pen of 5 gorgeous female puppies for an hour until we made our choice. Then Tommy gave her a bath she was even more beautiful. Thank you. Monday, August 1st 2005 - 12:57:32 AM  

Name: Nancy Bevans E-mail address: caliopy@earthlinknet Comments: I love your white dogs. It is hard to choose from so many gorgeous ones. My decision would be easier if you had full body photos of the parents. Can't wait to see them. Thursday, July 21st 2005 - 05:48:33 PM  

Name: Roxanne Canterbury Comments: Hi, I was referred to you by Bob Burgoon. I have a Jack Russell Terrier that is mostly white with black. She is very special to us and we would like her to have a playmate, she does great with a family members datsun that is a 1 year old girl but we really like youf Golden retriever, What do you think? We eventually want to start a family??? Please respond. Your litters look so cute but it is really important to have a playmate for her, we love how she plays with the datsun. Friday, July 1st 2005 - 09:03:33 PM  

Name: Peggy Rose E-mail address: bunnybuns@san.rr.com Comments: We are owners of Cloey puppy. Her name is Honey and she is now 16 + weeks old and weighs in at 26 lbs. Would love to hear from other Cloey puppy owners (dob: 2/25/05) and share pics. Tuesday, June 28th 2005 - 08:48:23 AM  

Name: Andrea E-mail address: adspinner@islandnet.com Comments: Good Day, We have a Pixie male, Rupert, born in the Summer 2004. He is absolutely delightful. He is sweet, smart, very easy-going and charms everyone he meets. I am wondering if there are others out there who have littermates to Rupert, who may be interested in sharing stories, photos, advice and experiences of their White Dove Golden. If you are, please email me. Tuesday, June 21st 2005 - 08:47:35 AM  

Name: April Mudrick (Fulk) E-mail address: snapie_mudrick@msn.com Comments: Hello Kevin! I do not believe that we have met. I worked with Lena and Tommy last March getting Hana (female) and last July getting Hoalie (male), which he was 6 months when I purchased him. The two are 6 days apart. They are about to have their first litter in a week. I have tried to get ahold of Lena for I miss talking with her. How is she did she,leave the country? Our family has been beyond blessed with these two beauties and would love to send pics to you and Lena(Tommy). Please e-mail me for I wish to know how our friend Lena is doing. Thank you for your concern in this matter, The Fulk house in Kenai, Alaska (907) 335-4179(907) 335-4179/(907) 252-5639(907) 252-5639. Saturday, June 18th 2005 - 09:44:44 PM  

Name: Charlotte Coleman Comments: The pup went to the vet and of course she was highly appreciated for her high quality and beuaty -- and personality. SHe fits right in here with the other guys too. SHe started her shots and will return in a few weeks. All is well - hope your littlers are all doing well. We moved and Ive been unbelievably busy Keep in touch! Charlotte Saturday, June 18th 2005 - 02:35:11 PM  

Name: Peggy Rose Comments: We purchased a puppy on 15 May. She is adorable, and we are thrilled to have her. Everyone comments on how beautiful and well mannered/mellow she is. Rarely ever barks, and is just a joy. Thursday, June 16th 2005 - 03:39:00 PM  

Name: Brenda Dunn Comments: We'll take some current pictures of Reilly and send them to you. He is really a beautiful dog and we get a lot of compliments on him. Some people have asked us if he is a Great Pyrenees..I guess because of his color and his size. He is a quick learner also..he was going in and out of the pet door in just a few days and was practically potty trained in a week. He has had a few accidents but for the most part has done really well with it. He's also learning to be patient when getting fed. When we first got him he would go nuts at feeding time and we figured he had to fight for his food with 8 other litter mates. We also figured he won most of the time based on his size :))) Anyway he now sits on his rug and waits for his food. We are pretty amazed of how quick he is learning. He's going to be an awesome dog, especially after he goes through his obedience training at 6 months old. Anyway, we'll keep in touch! Thursday, May 26th 2005 - 02:54:06 PM  

Name: Alane Foster Comments: My puppy arrived safe and sound within days of sending my information and contract. "Marley" is so beautiful and has a wonderful disposition. Strangers stop us non-stop when we take him out to ask about him and say how gorgeous he is. He had his first vet visit today and was declared "very healthy." Thank you Mimmi and Kevin. I think you guys are great and we LOVE our new baby! Friday, April 29th 2005 - 04:52:53 PM  

Name: Tom Piatak Comments: Hello from Florida! I have a question regarding spaying. Our vet is recommending Mia be done next week, she will be 4 months. He said some folks wait until they have one cycle, however, as Mia is getting so big he feels it is easier on large breeds from a recovery standpoint to do them earlier. He also recommended that I contact you for advice. There are conflicting views on when to spay, what do you recommend? Also, such a small world- Today at school I ran into another family, The Wilensky's who own one of your dogs. She is Cloae, and she is one year old! Today at car pool we are going to "get the girls together" for a meet and greet!!! Mia continues to be the "greatest girl". She is so wonderful with the kids, and Tom and I are amazed at just how bright she is- Luna and Pepper did well with this one. She is growing by leaps and bounds. I worry about her upcoming surgery- however, this is the right thing for both her and us. I already informed her best friend (a yellow lab 3 doors down) that Mia will be out of commission for play dates for a few days. People tell me that dogs gain weight after being spayed, but we are not concerned. Mia gets plenty of exercise and we have kept her on the food (have needed to increase the amount a bit) you recommended. She had her first beach experience last weekend- and she loved the sand and the birds. She was a bit hesitant with the water, but I know that will come in time. This summer she will be spending a great deal of time at the ocean, and I am sure she will become accustomed to the sounds. This weekend will be her first boat ride. We are taking her to St. Augustine which is a two hour trip. She looks adorable in her new life jacket- and is looking forward to seeing my Mom's dogs. I have my pictures in for development so they will be coming soon. I tell everyone about your ranch and our perfect puppy! Thank you again, and know that she is very happy! Patty and Tom ps. I filed my AKC paperwork- Her reigistered name is White Dove Princess Mia Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 09:55:16 AM  

Name: Nica Gianulias Comments: Dear Kevin: I Hope you are well...just wanted to give you an update on our little guy.He loves to run with me...he has a lot ofenergy. He begins his formal training in another week. He listens to "goto your bed, go to your kennel, and sit." He loves banana chips as a special treat. He is a great eater...he is now 38 pounds and is long andlean with BIG paws and a long tail. He loves the kids and looks for them in their rooms when it's only he and I in the house. He does great on car rides and loves bathes. He plays independently with his toys so well, belly-up...he's hilarious. He has received all of his shots & rabies and is growing like a weed. The vet thinks he will be between 60-80 pounds. I can't wait to teach him to swim. Thank you for the emails of his siblings from the other owners...it was helpful. Take care, Nica Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 09:45:04 AM  

Name: Kathy Berthiaume Comments: Hi Kevin, Hope you're doing well. I wrote you during the winter that Sophie's nose had faded to pinkish in the middle. Well, now that warmer weather is here it has turned back to the really deep black. I think it was just a temporary condition due to the cold dry weather. Also, she does love to use her nose as a snow plow which probably didn't help :) She is such a joy to us and is the most wonderful dog. She receives compliments everywhere she goes, and she's so well behaved. I just can't express how much we love her. You are doing a great job with your kennel and I am so glad we chose one of your puppies. Best regards, Kathy Berthiaume Friday, April 22nd 2005 - 11:26:58 AM  

Name: Bob Ritchie Comments: Hi Guys, My puppy Coconut (female Aug '04 by Pixie) is doing fantastic. I couldn't be more pleased. She has a wonderful temperment, loves everyone, is very gental with children, and is a beautiful girl. Thanks for everything. Bob PS I'll send some pictures. Saturday, March 19th 2005 - 06:24:58 PM Name: lael Comments:I'm so happy with the dog we have from you he is amazing he is the perfect dog ever he name is blizzard and i am soo happy we have him im 12 and we got he when i was 10 he is so sweet and he never jumps he can sit shake and even ROLL OVER!! he is so cool and i love him -lael Monday, March 7th 2005 - 10:10:54 AM  

Name: Karen Borchard E-mail address: kborchard@adelphia.net Comments: Hi - Just wanted to comment that we have a dog sired by your Tottelina Orchestra Max, and w get comments everywhere we go regarding what an incredibly handsome (and LARGE) dog he is. Even better, he is the best family dog we could ask for, known & loved by the entire neighborhood and local elementary school. If you are considering one of these dogs, our experience can't be beat. Tuesday, February 15th 2005 - 02:53:24 PM  

Name: charmon doerner E-mail address: cdoerner@earthlink.net Comments: Your Goldens are amazing. My husband and I have had two goldens and have recently had the loss of our oldest girl. We miss her dearly. I have never heard of a white dove golden. Are they reconized as a golden retriever or is this an actual breed. They are absolutely beautiful. I saw one of your dogs was in the Ohio circuit, if you dont mind me asking, what city is she in? We live in Norwalk, Ohio 60 miles west of Cleveland. We would love the chance to see her in a show if you have any information. Thank you Charmon Friday, February 4th 2005 - 07:38:04 PM  

Name: ROSALIA E-mail address: rain63@sbcglobal.net Comments: I never knew this breed existed I am literly floored by this.. They are beautiful dogs...I have a retiever myself a flat coated on I will never have a different breed..retievers are it with me.. I am very interested in this breed and learning more on it. thanks. Friday, January 28th 2005 - 01:25:06 AM  

Name: lisa & steve E-mail address: lleebove@sbcglobal.net Homepage URL: http://www.leeboves.com Comments: Kevin: we picked up our Pixie pup, Bug, at the end of October. She is now almost 6 mos. old, and must be the world's best dog. Everybody who meets her comments not just on how cute she is (as you can see for yourself on www.leeboves.com), but on her extraordinarily sweet, mellow disposition. She is innately well-behaved. When none of the other kids in Puppy School could sit still for even half a second, our little Bug would rest at my feet. She'll gleefully shred any paper product she can get her paws on, and proudly collects our belongings in her beds around the house, but she hasn't chewed a shoe or gotten into the trash or ruined anything at all of value -- a tremedous feat. A colleague of mine similarly raved about her Golden from you who, (we figured out, is our Bug's great uncle), which is why we found you in the first instance. We could not recommend your dogs more highly. Thanks! Wednesday, January 26th 2005 - 11:39:16 AM  

Name: mary harding E-mail address: tomary@starband.net Comments: Kevin, I can't tell you how wonderful and smart our BEAUTIFUL white male "Reilly" is. I take him everywhere, and I am always being stopped because of his looks and unbelievable, quiet manner. Thank you so much for your careful and wonderful breeding. Tuesday, January 18th 2005 - 04:20:17 PM  

Name: Mr Fatwa E-mail address: fatwa_tonweed@yahoo.co.uk Comments: Happiness is a warm puppy =) Thursday, January 6th 2005 - 10:53:24 AM  

Name: val Comments: I'm a flight attendant and i first saw an adorable puppy from my aircraft window.i went to the cargo hold to get a closer look at this darling little fella.i then fell in love.lol.im anxious to visit your ranch.enjoyed your website. Edna Thursday, December 23rd 2004 - 06:11:09 PM  

Name: Kathy B E-mail address: KathySBer@adelphia.net Comments: Hi Kevin, Just wanted you to know that Sophie is adjusting so well and is such a wonderful addition to our family! I've started an album for her http://community.webshots.com/scripts/editPhotos.fcgi?action=viewall&albumID=224486038 on webshots. if you want to access it. She started obedience training today and she's catching on so fast! We're using Bark Busters. They do in-home training and I love their philosophy. They teach you to speak 'dog talk' which she understands so much better than the human words we usually bombard them with. She's responding to it beautifully. We just love her and thank you for the opportunity to have one of your wonderful puppies in our home. Saturday, December 4th 2004 - 07:02:55 PM  

Name: Lisa Haake E-mail address: lhaake@pacbell.net Comments: Your dogs are the most beautiful goldens I have ever seen. The white goldens are new to me. I've always had Border Collies, but I have always had a love for Golden Retrievers. I helped raise some golden puppies a few years ago and it was an incredible joy. I will definetly want to get on your puppy list (family pet) when I'm ready for a new puppy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful dogs! Sunday, November 28th 2004 - 08:05:03 PM  

Name: Rodney and Dina Ramirez E-mail address: ramirez@mtaonline.net Comments: Dear Mimmi, We have visited your website many times, and just enjoy it like the first time. We think your dogs are gorgeous! We have a Golen Retriever that is almost white named Miles. We cant imagine ever having anything else. They are wonderful dogs. Keep up the awesome work. Its nice to know that there are responsible breeders out there. Take care, Dina Saturday, October 30th 2004 - 11:31:41 PM  

Name: April Fulk (Mudrick) E-mail address: snapie_mudrick@msn.com Comments: Lena, Could you send Hana's Family down line and also Howies. I am excited to put the two love bugs in a scrap book and wanted to have this for show. Thank you, extended family...April in Alaska P.S. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to have such awesome pups. Love, April Fulk in Kenai, Alaska Thursday, October 21st 2004 - 10:52:35 PM  

E-mail address: snapie_mudrick@msn.com Comments: Hello Lena it's April from Alaska! Wanted you to know that "Howlie" has adapted well to his new home here at the KENAI Lodge. Hana has surely found her true love. Hana and Howlie share there days with Mikala (4)and I taking care of there people and friends. By the way the wedding was Awesome... Will send pictures soon. Love, April Fulk in Kenai, Alaska Thursday, October 21st 2004 - 10:01:16 PM  

Name: Karen Swanson E-mail address: newportbeachkaren1@yahoo.com Comments: We were introduced to one of your beautiful white retrievers at the Ferry Building in S.F. Could you please e-mail me info. on where you are located, etc. Thank you. Friday, October 15th 2004 - 10:57:45 PM  

Name: Kennel France Comments: Congratulations!! We heard that your kennel get the first prize in The best Kennel Europe Awards Friday, October 15th 2004 - 10:03:59 AM  

Comments: Hallo ! We are home in China now whit our puppie COX and we are so happy! The long trip to CA and Whitedove are something we never forget You have the most beutyfull golden in the hole world and whit a exellent temper. Best Regards Fam Chang Friday, October 15th 2004 - 09:44:40 AM Name: Maya R. E-mail address: scrapsensations@yahoo.com Name: Jane Litchfield E-mail address: swtntrs@aol.com Comments: Lena, I cannot begin to tell you what a fabulous dog you have bred in our " Edgar !" He is so eager to please and so trainable ! I have had two other Golden Retrievers before getting your dog. As much as we love " Goldens ", none has ever been as intelligent, faithful, playful, beautiful, and mellow as this dog. I've had people follow me to find-out where we got him ! I've even had Golden Retriever breeders want to know who bred him ! His disposition is such that I have been told that he needs to go into the hospitals/retirement homes as a rehabilitaion dog ! He has certainly filled our " empty nest " with lots of love and faithfulness. Thank you Lena for your insight into the breeding of these wonderful pets. Monday, September 27th 2004 - 04:33:38 PM  

Name: Sarah Blouin E-mail address: aspencypress@hotmail.com Comments: I am very impressed with all your dogs. They very beautiful. I have always loved the english type of golden retriever. My husband and I are possibly looking to adopt from you in the future. Keep up the good work. Sarah Wednesday, August 25th 2004 - 06:01:51 PM  

Name: Nancy McKabe Comments: Hi Lena and Tommy, I picked the puppy up this am...he was happy to see some one! He is adorable as you both now and everyone is in love with him already...puka (our White Dove Golden girl) did not know what to do...she wants to play and he rolls over and I think they will grow together ....its 7:30 here and he just followed Puka onto the fist step of the pool...dried him off... no worse...and he is definitely not ready for bed....I still think I hear Jammer walking around, but this was such a good thing...we are looking forward to a long relationship with your great dogs....and I wish you both(all 4 or more) the very best life has to offer! We'll be in touch and I still owe you pictures from the modeling shoot last year...maybe we will even make it into your extended family album. And tell Channah that Leiling will "Talk " to her when she earns her computer back...probably soon...THANK YOU! Love , Nancy, Jim, Patrick, Grace , Leiling, Puka and all our other kid-friends and critters McCabe Thursday, August 12th 2004 - 11:02:20 PM  

Name: Ed & Patty Morley Comments: Hi Lena, I just wanted to say Hello to you as it going on two years since we received Buddy from you in Santa Barbara. It has been just wonderful since we brought Buddy into our family. He is doing just fine. I don't have a digital camera to send a picture but he is beautiful. Buddy is everything you described on your website and more. He is so kind and gentle that I wonder if he is human. He is so well behaved that our family is amazed. My nieces and nephews all want their parents to get them a dog just like ours. Buddy completed obedience training at the top of his class and we are about to begin advanced training as I wish to take him on visits to Hospitals for companion dog work. He has a magical way of bringing smiles to everyone he meets. I would like to know if you feel he would be a worthy candidate for breeding. I can't help but think he would make the most wonderful puppies. He is in perfect health and only needs the x-rays and eye-exam to be ready. I am also interested in getting Buddy a compasnion for the Home. I am interested in a female German Shephard. You might be saying why a German Shephard? Well, we had a recent burglary at our new home. While Buddy is the most friendly dog in the world, I fear he wouldn't even put up a fight if someone wanted to take him. Who cares about the material things, I don't want someone to ever take my dog! So I want to get him a companion who will be a bit more protective instinctively. This way my dog will have a companion as well as guardian. We have much larger home now with 15,000 sq. feet of land. They would have have plenty of room to run and play together. I trust your opinion and would like your feedback. Sincerely, Ed & Patty Morley Tuesday, August 3rd 2004 - 03:24:03 PM  

Name: Brenda Sutton E-mail address: ghosthunter73@cox.net Comments: I just love the pictures of your puppies!I think Goldens are the best dogs in the world.I have 2 of my own and one day would like to have a white one.I am going through some medical issues and might loose my sight,doctors arent sure yet,but I have already told my husband if I do loose my sight,I want a Retriever for a guide dog.They are the best!!!Thanks for making this website. Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 04:09:34 PM  

Name: Shiloh E-mail address: rowa@intergga.ch Homepage URL: http://www.shiloh.ch.tf Comments: Hallo,Liebe Graasse aus der Schweiz senden, Shiloh % Herrli. Sunday, July 11th 2004 - 02:54:16 AM  

Name: Vicki Drogemuller E-mail address: Vracer50@aol.com Comments: I have never seen so many people in a guestbook before that were so pleased with their beauitful precious puppies. I hope to be the next. You deserve to be proud of all your good work and also the happiness you have brought to many families. Please contact me soon. Vicki from Orland Park, Illinois. Thursday, June 17th 2004 - 11:40:51 PM  

Name: April Mudrick E-mail address: snapie_mudrick@msn.com Comments: Hello Lena! I wanted to tell the world about our daughter "O'Hana Love" that we bought from your ranch. She has adapted well to our Alaskan weather. Her favorite pass times are running through our pond chasing the ducks and loving on her family members. Heath and I flew Hana home with us from Creston on Alaskan Airlines as a carry on. She loved the ride and had plenty of attention in the airport. We love her so much...Thank you Lena for a wonderful opportunity to have her in our lives. Heath and April of Soldotna, Alaska....."Kenai River", World Class King Salmon fishing Wednesday, June 16th 2004 - 01:33:27 AM  

Name: Lisa&Jim Comments: Best Wishes! And thank you! Friday, June 11th 2004 - 01:02:32 AM  

Name: Annette Chasteen E-mail address: achas64630@aol.com Comments: Your dogs are just beautiful. I ate work on my lunch hour and you have brought tears to my eyes. I own a golden and he is the love of my life. I have always wanted a white one. When I am ready I will definitely be visiting your website again. Thanks for a little bit pleasure during my lunch hour. Friday, May 28th 2004 - 11:02:27 AM  

Name: Susanne Holm E-mail address: susanne.holm@tottelina.nu Homepage URL: http://www.tottelina.nu Comments: Hej Lena! Hoppas allt ar bra med dej och dina (mina) hundar! Kommer du att besoka Sverige i sommar? Hoer av dej i sa fall. Det vore trevligt att traffas live nan gang. Tittar du in pa vara hemsidor nagon gang ibland? Vanliga halsningar fran ett annu ratt kyligt sodra Finland. halsningar, Susanne och Tottelinaflocken Tuesday, May 18th 2004 - 11:44:40 AM  

Name: Jessica Brown E-mail address: Ibjezka@aol.com Comments: I have just become interested in the Goldens, and hoping to have one in our family soon. Your website was very informative, and your pups/dogs are absolutly beautiful. Thank you Saturday, May 15th 2004 - 11:26:23 AM  

Name: Bent Overvad Rasmussen E-mail address: bent@countrysides.dk Homepage URL: http://www.countrysides.dk Comments: Hej Very lovely hompage and great dogs , comming back later sure :=) The bedst Golden Wishes Golden Countrysides Anette og Bent Sunday, April 4th 2004 - 01:04:48 PM  

Name: T.J. and Jennifer List E-mail address: tjlist@comcast.net Comments: Hi Lena!My wife and I bought one of your amazing goldens a little over a year ago from Max and Lily?s litter. Whitedove?s Major Victory (Major) has turned out to be the most amazing addition to our family! We thank you very much and will be sending pictures of Major who we believe to be the spitting image of his father Max. Friends of ours who live in Walnut Creek, CA have asked me to inquire if you have or will be having any litters with Max? They are very interested in a wonderful addition to their family also! nce again thank you for Major, as he has added so much joy, happiness, and laughs to our lives! We look forward to hearing from you and sending you the pictures of Max?s not so little boy! T.J. and Jennifer List Tuesday, March 30th 2004 - 09:41:48 PM  


Name: Ann Tremain E-mail address: inbloomuc@cox.net Comments: Wow ! Saturday, February 21st 2004 - 08:18:02 AM  

Name: marsha sisney E-mail address: golden569@aol.com Comments: Dear Lena, I am so happy to have finally found your web site. My family and I are great friends of your dad's. We live in Rockford, Il. which is 90 miles west of Chicago. We first met your dad and Monica in Sarasota, Florida and spent many Christmas' together down there. When they brought the puppies from Finland to you, they stopped in Chicago to visit us. I was drooling over the pictures of the puppies and hoped some day I would get one. By now, I imagine those puppies are breeding. I am so impressed with everything on your web site. Your property looks absolutely outstanding. What an awesome place to breed dogs. They are so lucky. I also have never seen such beautiful dogs in all my life. The pictures of Helene's wedding and of your dad on Siesta Key are all too familiar. We still stay in touch. We have a blonde golden named Maggie. She has a nice boxy build and weighs about 55 pounds. She will be 8 years old in November. She is an extremely happy and energetic dog. Most people think she's around 2!!!! She runs 3 miles a day with me. I also do agility training with her and she loves that very much. We have been going to classes every week since she was a pup. I am oh so curious as to the temperment of your goldens. It sounds as though they are perfect. I have had many different breeds of dogs and know that I want to stay with goldens. I would love to hear from you about your pups, availabilities and procedures in obtaining one them. Thank you so much, Marsha Sisney Sunday, February 8th 2004 - 12:25:07 PM  

Name: Celeste Gilles Comments: Hello Lena I am always so glad when I go back to revisit your website and still find Charlies adorable pictures there (especially the one of Graham and Charlie on the boat); thank you for keeping us a part of your extended family. I think it has been a couple of years since our last correspondence we now have a 17 month old son named Trent, and Trent and Charlie are the best of friends. Trents first word no joke was Charlie, before mama or dada even. So even though Charlie may have felt a little neglected after Trent first arrived he adjusted wonderfully and is still a huge part of our family!! I would love to send some pictures to you, however they are not digital and my scanner is need of repair. Can you please give me an address and I will forward some updated pictures to you? Your dogs still look wonderful and when we are ready for #2 I will let you know!! Thank You, Celeste Gilles Thursday, February 5th 2004 - 09:29:24 AM  

Name: Terisa Estacio E-mail address: Estacio@kron.com Comments: Hi there Lena.. Thought you might like to see how my adorable pup, Kalvin is doing. Looking forward to adding to my family, but in the meantime.. all is great. May 2004 be wonderful and prosperous. Terisa Estacio Tuesday, January 20th 2004 - 01:03:56 PM  

Name: Oberholtzer E-mail address: roberholtzer@cox.net Comments: Hello from Phoenix, Arizona. We have just recently celebrated ?Luke?s? 1-year anniversary of joining our family. My husband and I have twin five year old girls and Luke completes our family. He is so sweet and truly a wonderful companion to our girls. He is so gentle and very playful. The girls call him their brother and he is always included in all family drawings and always mentioned in their stories. He is so calm and sensitive. He is a beautiful dog, with a healthy white coat. All of our friends are in awe of his sweet and obedient demeanor. He has never received formal training, and yet he is perfect on a leash, comes when he is called and never leaves our front yard unless he is given permission. He is an amazing animal that continues to give our family unconditional love. Sincerely, The Oberholtzers Tuesday, November 18th 2003 - 08:19:21 AM  

Name: Terisa Comments: Dear Lena- I am so much in love with my sweet golden pup from you kennel; so thanks for the excellent work in breeding such a quality litter. Everyone I meet remarks his unique coloring and exquisit personality, kind and loving. Kindergarten puppy training was a blast and so is obedience class. Anyway, besides singing your praise, I am very interested in your foster program and wondering if I could get some information on qualifying. Please let me know.. I think Kalvin would greatly benefit with having another one of his kind around my home. I need to take some digital pictures this weekend on one of our hikes to show you how well he is doing! Sincerely, Terisa Estacio Thursday, September 25th 2003 - 10:35:37 AM  

Name: Julie Brewer Comments: My family adopted two dogs from Lena this spring. They are the absolute best dogs. Not only are they stunningly beautiful (we get stopped on the street constantly) but they have the absolute best dispositions! They are extrememly smart and well behaved. I adopted from Lena because I had read such wonderful comments about their calm personalities. They really are that amazing! If you are lucky enough to adopt a white dove golden/or foster as my brother did you will not be disappointed. They are worth every penny plus more. Thanks Lena! We feel so lucky to have Luna and Burly!!! Thursday, August 21st 2003 - 03:02:08 PM  

Name: Colleen E-mail address: cjtaul@yahoo.com Homepage URL: http://www.taulgoldenretrievers.com Comments: I just picked up my new puppy from Lena yesterday. She is a beautiful girl! It has been such a pleasure doing business with Lena, she has made what can be a difficult process sometimes nice and easy and smooth. "Diamond" is a wonderful pup, getting along with the rest of the four legged family just wonderfully already. I am hoping to get another puppy or two, and can't wait to do so. Thanks again Lena for making everything so pleasant, and for such a beautiful puppy. I can't wait to get her in the show ring and show her off. Colleen Thursday, May 1st 2003 - 08:00:26 AM  

Name: Ron Samsel E-mail address: Honest1realtor@msn.com Comments: Lena, I was so impressed with the layout of your facility. That is Heaven on Earth for your Dogs! I will send you another e-mail tonight and explain everything to you. Have a great day, Your friend from Pennsylvania, Ron Thursday, March 20th 2003 - 08:37:57 AM  

Name: Tonya Eubank E-mail address: teubank11@hotmail.com Comments: Dear Lena, Just wanted to let you know that I wrote a little story about how I got my two wonderful guardian goldens. You can find it on the internet if you go to "Landofpuregold.com." Scroll down to "Cast Your Golden Votes." (Be sure and vote for my entry!) Journey and Spirit are both doing great. Spirit is really living up to her name! She is so full of life and love. She dashes out the door past Journey and they spend the day chasing each other and playing all the time! Give all of Journey and Spirit's brothers and sisters a hug for me! Tonya Saturday, March 8th 2003 - 05:45:03 AM  

Name: Jim and Adele Coleman E-mail address: pairocolemans@cs.com Comments: We adopted a three-year old female from White Dove. She is the most calm,loving, sweet and gentle dog that anyone could imagine - just an absolutely wonderful pet and best friend. So, we are believers in your breeding strategy! Wednesday, February 19th 2003 - 03:54:12 PM  

Name: Gail and Bobby E-mail address: godonnell@attbi.com Comments: Lena-- We picked up our puppy early Monday morning, just days before Christmas! She is beautiful, it didnt take her long to become apart of our family, it snowed last night and she was out playing in it this morning. What a gorgeaous dog! We have people stop us and tell us that they have never seen such a beautiful golden retriever before, she even has long white eye lashes!!!!! Thankyou so much for helping us find the right pup, we will keep in touch and send pictures asap.I cannot believe we did this all through EMAIL! Hats off to you and your puppies! Gail and Bobby Cape Cod Massachusetts Thursday, December 26th 2002 - 05:56:32 AM  

Name: Robbi Rucker E-mail address: robbirucker@yahoo.com Comments: Dear Lena, I just wanted to let you know how much in love we are with our little angel Sophie. She is beautiful, mellow, and has the sweetest personality. In fact, people stop us all the time to get her autograph. (Well, they do stop us and tell Sophie how pretty and special she is).They just smile when then see her. In fact, Sophie wants to know if maybe next year she can get a baby sister or brother. Thanks so much for our wonderful new family member. Best Wishes, Robbi Rucker Malibu, CA  

Comments: Dear Lena, I am still playing with the idea of getting Journey a sister. We are currently dog sitting for a friend and Journey is having a ball. I would love to have another golden. Do you have any females available now? Who are the parents? This will probably be my last one, so I am waiting for that someone special! (My friends think I have lost my mind, I'm so crazy about my dog!) When is the next litter due? This dog would be a family pet only, not for show. I really like the light color. Thanks for your help. Journey has really been my guardian golden over the past year. His companionship has helped me deal with the death of several of my relatives including my Mother. Look forward to hearing from you again. Tonya Tuesday, August 27th 2002 - 07:41:28 PM  

Name: Jenny E-mail address: hougendobler5@skyenet.net Comments: Hi, Lena! Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our darling Powder! He is so beautiful, mellow and sweet. We just finished puppy class, which happened to be filled with mostly Goldens and ours was BY FAR the calmest and easiest of the bunch. Every day is something new and funny with him. Thanks for the wonderful pup! Jenny Sunday, August 25th 2002 - 01:16:53 AM  

Name: Mike Martin E-mail address: mmartin9@adelphia.net Comments: Lena, It has been a while since our last email, so I am overdue in letting you know about Jake. He is coming in to his own as a mature young man, and he continues to be the love of our life. Lena, we have had several dogs, each being a very special member of our family. But, with all honesty, Jake is the treasure of them all. He is well behaved, a real lover boy, and even a watch dog (well, sort of). He is an absolute fanatic about playing ball and still lets the cat push him around. I am attaching a couple of recent pictures. The first picture shows him ready for the first pitch of a ball game (notice the right front foot). Lena, thank you so much for Jake, he is absolutely wonderful. Regards, Mike Thursday, August 22nd 2002 - 06:50:38 PM  

Name: The Schireman Family E-mail address: the4schiremans@aol.com Comments: Hi Lena My family can't thank you enough for this beautiful puppy! We have had goldens for 11 years and this is the best puppy we have ever had. He is so calm and well mannered. I have never had a puppy who sleeps through the night, all we have to say to our Bret Boone is, it's bed time and he gets in his crate. Our puppy was flown up to Washington state and the follow up with Lena was wonderful! You can tell that these puppies were brought up with a lot of love. If your thinking of purchasing a golden you have came to the right place. The Schireman Family! Sunday, August 11th 2002 - 08:32:54 PM  

Name: Dan Rathje E-mail address: drathje@speakeasy.net Comments: Lena, I want to let you know that "White Dove Sampson" of Max and Lily is THE star of San Francisco! I am an avid park goer for socializing the lad, and total strangers have been coming up to me asking, "is this the white Golden Retriever puppy we've been hearing so much about?" Everyone loves him...but not as much as me and my Chow, Cici! Thank you soooo much for rearing such a beautiful and loving dog. I am recommending your dogs to others who have been so impressed. Dan Rathje Saturday, June 29th 2002 - 10:48:56 PM  

Name: Misha Gulak E-mail address: misha@atomicpr.com Comments: Hi, My friends, Tricia and David Lacy,` just adopted Dusty from you. I met Dusty, and am in LOVE! I was wondering if he has any brothers that are up for adpotion? Please let me know! Thanks! Misha misha@atomicpr.com Wednesday, June 12th 2002 - 10:20:50 AM  

Name: Amy Keehn E-mail address: amykeehn@aol.com Comments: Dear Lena, The more I look at these pictures of your ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS Goldens, the more I know that this is the dog I want. My husband and I recently lost our senior Golden and are absolutely heartbroken. We very much want another Golden and both have really been taken by the idea of a blone one. However, we were completely unaware of the fact that anyone bred these ultra platinum color. We are most anxious to hear from you as to how long we might have to wait (and wait we will) to have the honor of bringing one of these truly exquisite dogs into our home. I had sent you an email a short time ago, and we hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you for breeding these beautiful animals. We look forward to hearing from you, Amy and Scott in Portland, Oregon. Sunday, June 9th 2002 - 09:30:36 PM  

Name: Linda Visger E-mail address: crinda@aol.com Comments: Loved your website. Met one of your puppies last summer - Ozzie in Harbor Springs, Mi. What a sweetie. We have had four goldens over the last twenty six years. Just lost one but still have a great three year old male from Copper Lee. We will be interested in another male and wondered when your next available litter is and cost of pups. Thanks. Linda Visger Wednesday, June 5th 2002 - 06:00:47 AM  

Name: judi manning E-mail address: ja_mann@yahoo.com Comments: Great job Lena, I can't wait to send you a picture of our darling Callie...our joy, our friend, our protector, and our constant companion. People stop us on the streets of Santa Ynez and ask where we bought such a beautiful, mellow, loving and well behaved dog!!!!!!!!!! Wednesday, May 29th 2002 - 12:44:09 PM  

Name: Bonita Harris E-mail address: ugonita@yahoo.com Comments: I have been on the web looking at Golden Retrievers. So far your Goldens take the cake. They are very impressive. So is your website. You have provided tons of information and pictures to my satisfaction. I would love one for a family pet. Please e-mail me and let me know how I can reserve one. Thanks. Saturday, May 25th 2002 - 09:01:11 AM  

Name: Judy Gillispie E-mail address: judygillispie@cox.net Comments: Lena: FatJack is down on the floor behind me, as usual. He is typically where one is and often underfoot! He is just 8 months old today. He's about half way through basic obedience...smartest dog I have ever had. It's a lot of fun just going through the paces with Jack. He's been real busy "helping" us paint the outside of the house. Each day we have to clean off both yellow and red paint. Everyone he meets falls in love with his sweetness. And, the boy is getting huge. Close to 80# with lots more growing to come from the size of his feet and amount of loose skin. Hugs to you and the furfaces. Judy Thursday, May 16th 2002 - 10:15:19 AM  

Name: Elaine E-mail address: CWELAINE@aol.com Comments: Hi, Lena, how are you and your wonderful family and dogs? I've sent you some copies of Cycle World magazine with pictures of Boone in it. He's really small on the cover, but the one in the Table of Contents is pretty big. He's soooooo cute and wonderful. Everyone that meets him just falls in love with him. One woman in the neighborhood said, "He's so cute and sweet it makes my heart melt." I enjoy your website and seeing all the dogs. The only problem I have is seeing those new puppies. I want a doggie ranch. Boone will be 5 months old this coming week. I just can't rave enough about him. So, if you ever need anyone to be a reference for your whole "deal" let them talk to me. Keep in touch, you sweetheart! Lots of love, Elaine Anderson Monday, April 29th 2002 - 03:02:16 PM  

Name: Anita Conklin E-mail address: anita_conklin@charter.net Comments: Hi Lena! Nevada is doing awesome, what a sweet girl she is. We just received all her pedigree papers, shes officially Sierra Nevada. Thanks for the great name! She has become my shadow we go everywhere together! She is probably the smartest dog I have ever known; she learns things in a snap. She is willful with a mind of her own, but then what toddler isnt? She lights up when my son walks into the room and everyone on the school bus calls out to her during pick-up and drop off. Her tail wags so fast youd think shed wag it right off! I of course stay tuned to your web page the new pups are adorable. I see Chanelles pup is still available and of course Hal wanted me to inquire about him, again. So, I guess the questions are how old is he now, how much is he now, and would you sell him as a companion dog or would you prefer to wait for someone who would show him. We have both been smitten with him from the first moment we laid eyes on him and Hal was surprised he was still available. (Me too) Hope all is well with you and your family. Anita  

Name: John Singerling E-mail address: Singerling@aol.com Comments: Not all heroes are people! We love our Maggie too! This is a true story which happened on 9-11-01. James Crane worked on the 101st of Tower 1 of the World Trade Center. He is blind so he has a golden retriever named Daisy. After the plane hit 20 stories below, James knew that he was doomed, so he let Daisy go, out of an act of love. She darted away into the darkened hallway. Choking on the fumes of the jet fuel and the smoke James was just waiting to die. About 30 minutes later, Daisy comes back along with James' boss, who Daisy just happened to pick up on floor 112. On her first run of the building, she leads James, James' boss, and about 300 more people out of the doomed building. But she wasn't through yet, she knew there were others who were trapped. So, highly against James' wishes she ran back in the building. On her second run, she saved 392 lives. Again she went back in. During this run, the building collapses. James hears about this and falls on his knees into tears. Against all known odds, Daisy makes it out alive, but this time she is carried by a firefighter. "She led us right to the people, before she got injured" the fireman explained. Her final run saved another 273 lives. She suffered acute smoke inhalation, severe burns on all four paws, and a broken leg, but she saved 967 lives. The next week, Mayor Guiliani rewards Daisy with the Canine medal of Honor of New York. Daisy is the first civilian Canine to win such an honor. [copied from NEW YORK TIMES 9-19-01 Not all heroes are people] Sunday, April 21st 2002 - 07:54:44 AM