White Golden Retriever Puppies for sale!

White Golden Retriever Puppies for sale!


All our dogs have their hips, elbows and heart screened by OFA

All our dogs are registered with AKC  

Our puppies are born inside and grow up in our house until they are 10-16 weeks old. Depending on the weather they are then moved outside. They have fenced off acres to romp around and play on all day, but come inside at night time where we potty train them.
A $100 will hold a puppy for you. Before we allow you to purchase a puppy we ask that you provide us with information about yourself, such as if you have a yard, working hours and if you have previous experience with dogs. Once you are approved you we will instruct you how to give us a deposit through PayPal. Since our dogs are from World Champion and European Multi Champion lines, we seldom sell breed/show puppies on unlimited registration, If you intend to show/breed please let us know and we will screen you as we might consider experienced breeders that are showing or breeding high quality Goldens. If you are buying the puppy as a pet you must spay/neuter the dog.

Each puppy is micro chipped. You will get your puppy's microchip papers when you sign the contract and can call and register the puppy's micro chip number in your name. We have the number on file in case the puppy gets lost as well. At our page CURRENT PUPPIES you will see the puppies last four numbers of the micro chip. Each puppy is identified with this number. We do not use yarn to identify the puppies, like other breeders, because the yarn can choke the puppy or fall off and they will not be able to identify the puppy. You do not have to worry that you are not getting "your puppy" that you have chosen or that it's going to be "mixed up" with another puppy since they are micro chipped.

Each puppy is de-wormed at least 3 times and vaccinated at least 1 time before pick up at 8 weeks. We do not release any puppy younger then 8 weeks. Please do not visit other breeders before visiting our ranch, due to virus you might pick up at the other breeders kennel. If you must visit another breeder before us please put on different clothing and shoes and wash your hands. Dog viruses are highly contagious and we want to keep our puppies healthy.

After you bring the puppy home you have 72 hours to take the puppy to the vet and sign up for health care insurance. It is part of the contract that you get insurance for your puppy, as treatments for accidents etc can get very expensive. If you need extra time let us know. We also provide you with a 12 month health guarantee for pet puppies and 26 months for breeders. You will be given instructions how to feed and raise the puppy. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us. Our puppies do not have fleas or other parasites.

We ask that you do not change the puppy food. If you must change the puppy food do so gradually. We do not accept foods such as Pedigree or Puppy Chow. The food must be a premium dog food, highly nutritional to promote healthy growth.
You can be fully confident buying a puppy from us. We have bred top quality English Goldens for 24 years and have references and testimonies if you need them. Everything we do is to better the breed and our lines are clean and have carefully been weeded out and selected in order to breed healthy and genetically sound puppies with great temperaments.